Federal Grants Administered by CDA

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

In 2004, CDA received an $800,000 grant to be spent over three years to create "one stop" resource centers in the community to assist older adults and adults with disabilities in finding information on the full range of supportive services and in accessing those services. The Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) in two very different counties that reflect California's great diversity were selected to participate. Area I Agency on Aging developed a "bricks and mortar" resource center that will be opening in September 2007 in Crescent City (Del Norte County). Aging and Independence Services, AAA serving San Diego County focused on developing enhancements to the Network of Care website to create a virtual ADRC; improving the referral process for their highly regarded centralized Information and Assistance call center; and forged a strong working relationship with Access to Independence, the Independent Living Center serving that county. Supplemental federal funds have extended the grant in San Diego through September 2008.

Based on the lessons learned during the State's first ADRC grant, CDA has proposed that in moving forward California's Aging and Disability Resource Connection would involve a local partnership between the local AAA and the ILC in addressing the program goals. In addition, regional ADRCs will include activities aimed at assisting nursing facility residents to transition to more independent living settings. In June 2007, CDA submitted a new ADRC grant proposal to the Administration on Aging (AoA) for funding consideration.

Status: CDA was awarded a one year $200,000 federal grant.

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Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration Grant

Over the past two decades, California has pioneered efforts create and provide culturally competent services to individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. With funding from AoA, efforts first focused on developing a Dementia Care Network East Los Angeles to serve the Latino community. It was then adapted to serve the African American community in South Central Los Angeles; the Japanese community in Los Angeles; and most recently the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. In each of these communities, where there were no culturally competent dementia services before the grant, they continue even years after the grant funds have ended. The dementia educational materials created for non-English speaking families were often the first of their kind and are now used throughout the United States.

n May 2007, CDA in collaboration with the Alzheimer's Association, which has been a key partner with the State in implementing these programs, submitted and received a one year $325,000 grant to develop dementia care networks to serve Latino families in the San Fernando Valley and Vietnamese families in Orange County.

Status: CDA was awarded a one year $325,000 grant.

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Alzheimer's Disease Evidence Based Demonstration Grant

In July 2007, the Administration on Aging announced an additional grant opportunity for states to apply for funding under the "Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration Grants to States Program: Translating Evidence-Based Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Direct Services Research into Practice."

CDA submitted an application to expand statewide the Cuidando Con Respeto program being launched in the San Fernando Valley under the new Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration grant. CDA will implement this program in partnership with the state's four Alzheimer's Association chapters and an Alzheimer's Research Center (ARC) located in Fresno.

Status: On September 30, 2007, CDA was awarded an 18 month $339,000 grant.

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Evidence Based Health Promotion Grant

In September 2006, CDA was awarded a three year $750,000 grant to implement evidence based health promotion programs in five California counties (Fresno, Los Angeles, Madera, San Diego and Sonoma). Two programs, the "Chronic Disease Self Management Program" and "A Matter of Balance," which focuses on fall reduction and strength building strategies, are being implemented in these counties. The programs are targeted to older adults with chronic health conditions who are able to attend the sessions in the community. Classes are being provided in English and Spanish. Expansion into new counties was envisioned in Years II and III. However, San Francisco and Orange Counties have already joined the initiative in Year I. Two in-home programs are being offered to frail older adults unable to go out to the other classes: "Medications Management" and "Healthy Moves," which encourages these seniors to do simple exercises that improve their strength, mobility and stamina. CDA's goal is to have 6,000 older adults complete these programs over the three year period.

Status: This federal grant funding was included in the 2008 state budget, so CDA's contract with Partners in Care has now been executed. In spite of the funding delay, all counties began implementation in 2007 and grant performance objectives for Year I were met. San Francisco and Orange County have joined the effort and we anticipate one or two other counties will also join in this year.

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