Director's Office

Director's Message

Welcome to the California Department of AgingÂ’'s Website. Our mission is to promote the independence and well-being of older adults, adults with disabilities, and families through:

  • Access to information and services to improve the quality of their lives;
  • Opportunities for community involvement; and
  • Support for family members providing care.

I am privileged to serve as the Director of the California Department of Aging, leading a team that is very committed to the programs we administer. Together, we advocate on behalf of older adults, adults with disabilities, and family caregivers on many state policy issues, including employment, health care, long term services and supports, emergency services, housing, and transportation issues.

As a Department, we work in partnership with many other state entities as well as the local Area Agencies on Aging and their service provider networks; the Multipurpose Senior Services sites; and the Community Based Adult Services Program providers on an ongoing basis. Each of these organizations, and the services they provide, contribute to the quality of life, independence, and well-being of thousands of Californians.

Older adults and persons with disabilities are often seen as groups needing services. But I always seek to balance that image with the reality that many, many older adults and persons with disabilities are very actively involved in the workforce; are themselves caring for grandchildren or other loved ones; are serving as peer mentors; and are volunteering in schools and a host of community programs.

All of the programs administered by the Department and operated at the local level by the Area Agencies on Aging rely on an army of volunteers, who deliver home delivered meals, visit residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, help people get ready for Medicare, provide friendly visitor calls and assist in many other ways. To learn more about how you can help in your community, contact your local Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-510-2020.

I draw your attention to two important initiatives that CDA is actively involved in that you may want to learn more about:

  • The Governor's Coordinated Care Initiative, which seeks to improve health, behavioral health, and long term supportive service delivery for individuals who are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal by integrating and coordinating these services under designated Managed Care Plans. To learn more, visit
  • The California Healthier Living Coalition, which focuses on expanding the availability of programs developed at Stanford University and now offered in many counties that help to empower adults with chronic health conditions to improve their overall quality of life. Since 2006, over 10,000 Californians have participated in these workshops and learned new strategies to better manage their health day-to-day. To learn more about workshops in your area and the Coalition's efforts, visit

Working together, California can and will continue to be a leader in developing innovative models create opportunities for community engagement, and provide more effective services that respond to the diverse needs of our state's growing number of older adults, persons with disabilities, and families providing care. The Department is proud to have an active role in these many efforts.

Updated February 7, 2019