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Under an interagency agreement, the CBAS Program is administered between the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the California Department of Aging (CDA), CDA administers the CBAS Program and certifies providers for participation in CBAS. Prior to participation as CBAS Medi-Cal waiver providers, CBAS providers must be licensed to operate adult day health care (ADHC) centers by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) .

The information below illustrates the types of onsite surveys conducted by CDA in Fiscal Year 2014-15, and the types and frequency of citations from those visits.

CDA conducts the following types of onsite certification surveys:

FY 2014-15
CBAS Onsite Survey
Certification Renewal 136
Follow-Up 1
Reconsideration 1
1st Quarter 0
Total Surveys 138

  1. Certification Renewal - at least every 24 months
  2. Follow-Up - between renewal visits to ensure a plan to correct deficiencies is implemented
  3. Reconsideration - revisit post Certification Renewal where significant non-compliance is identified
  4. First Quarter - visit within 90 days of certifying a new provider

Citations are based on record reviews, observations, and/or interviews during onsite surveys and are categorized as follows:

  1. Repeat - counted if the same citation was recorded during the previous onsite survey.
  2. Health and Safety - findings that demonstrate non-compliance with specified laws and regulations, the scope and severity of which demonstrate harm or potential harm to a participant and/or are at a pattern level across multiple disciplines and/or participants.
  3. Administrative - findings that demonstrate non-compliance with specified laws and regulations, but that do not rise in scope or severity to a Health and Safety level. For example, isolated and/or less consequential instances such as failures to provide complete documentation.
FY 2014-15
Types of Citations # As Percentage of Total Citations
Repeat 249 29%
Health and Safety 185 21%
Administrative 676 79%

FY 2014-15
Most Frequently Cited Findings
# Citation Explanation # of
1 W&I Code, Section 14529(d)(2) IPC developed does not meet participant need 104
2 W&I Code, Section 14529(d)(1)(3) Incomplete reassessments 90
3 W&I Code, Section 14530(a) Services not provided or substantiated in written record 75
4 Title 22, CCR, Section 54323(a)(8) Failure to liaison with Personal Health Care Provider 68
5 Title 22, CCR, Section 54425(a)(4) Incomplete participant records 52
6 W&I Code, Section 14552(a) Standards for Certification and Licensing not met 41
7 W&I Code, Section 14529(d)(3) Reassessments not done, late, not signed, etc. 30
8 Title 22, CCR, Section 54207(a)(1) Incomplete information obtained from Personal Health Care Provider 27
9 Title 22, CCR, Section 54323(a)(6)(A)(B)(C)(D) Medications not monitored, administered, and/or recorded properly 25
10 Title 22, CCR, Section 54207(a)(7) Failure to provide appropriate staff to meet participant needs 24

Source: CDA CBAS Database, Citation Statistics and Post-Survey Statistics Reports, 07/01/14-06/30/15, run date 10/08/15.

Updated October 8, 2015

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