Celebrating Older Californians Nutrition Month

Celebrating Older Californians Nutrition Month

Through the Older American Act, the Administration for Community Living (ACL)’s Senior Nutrition Program has been dedicated to meeting the nutritional, wellness, and social needs of older adults since 1972.

The mission of the Older Americans Act Senior Nutrition Program is to:

  • Reduce hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition
  • Promote socialization
  • Promote health and well-being
  • Delay onset of adverse health conditions

Throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating the California’s Older Adult Nutrition Programs by raising awareness about the value and sharing how the program is making a difference in the lives of older adults.

Older Adult Nutrition Programs

The Older Americans Act Senior Nutrition Program is administered by the Administration for Community Living (ACL). ACL provides grants to states, including California, to help support nutrition programs and services for older adults throughout the country. California’s Older Adult Nutrition Program includes the Congregate Nutrition Program and the Home-Delivered Nutrition Program, both of which provide nutritious meals, nutrition screening, assessment, education, and, in some areas, nutrition counselling.

Making a Difference for Older Californians

The California’s Older Adult Nutrition Program has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the needs of older Californians by reinventing and expanding nutrition services. Here are a few notable achievements:

  • 28 million home-delivered meals served in 2020
  • Providing up to 21 meals per week per client plus groceries
  • Transforming congregate meal programs to pick-up or delivery
  • Establishing new contracts for shelf-stable or frozen meals to expand capacity
  • Contracting with restaurants to meet cultural food preferences and support local businesses
  • Collaborating with local agencies to redeploy furloughed workers to nutrition programs
  • Promoting social connections through wellness checks and virtual wellness programs

California’s Nutrition Services

For information on California’s nutrition services, click on the links below:

For local information and assistance for meals and other services call the toll-free California Aging & Adult Information Line
1-800-510-2020 or visit our county office webpage.

Raising Awareness about About Older Adult Nutrition Programs

Take this opportunity to showcase the impact you and your nutrition providers have on the older adults in your community! The Older Adult Nutrition Program plays an important role not only in helping to reduce food insecurity, but also in supporting the health and well-being of older adults in the community. By keeping partners, local and state decision-makers, and others in your community informed of the impact of the Older Adult Nutrition Program, you will help maintain support for the program which can lead to better outcomes in your community.

Share Your Work!

Tells us how your Older Adult Nutrition Program is making a difference for older adults.

  • Send us your success stories, best practices, and innovative work to highlight your Older Adult Nutrition Program. Please include photos!
  • Many of the stories we receive will be posted throughout the month of March on our Older Adult Nutrition Program Success Stories page.
  • Stories may also be shared with ACL for posting on their website during the month of March.
  • Click here to "Share Your Work!"
  • Please to complete the fillable form and send to cdanutritionandhealthpromotion@aging.ca.gov between now and March 31st.

Older Californians Nutrition Program Stories

ACL's Social Media Toolkit

Promote your program with ACL’s social media toolkit:

  • Share program information and successes on your social media channels, website, and newsletters.
  • When posting on social media don’t forget to use hashtag #SeniorNutritionProgram and tag us! @CALaging on Twitter and @CaliforniaAging on Facebook.
  • Use these images for posts on social media. Right-click to save an image to your computer. click here for more images.

Communicating Program Value

Utilize ACL's infographics to help you to communicate the value of the Older Adult Nutrition Program to your community:

Your community meal program is waiting to serve you. Benefits: save time and money, get healthy food without the effort, do less shopping and cooking, avoid missed meals, support your independence, socialize and have fun.

Resources for the Older Adult Nutrition Program

Community Toolkit

Use the ACL’s Senior Nutrition Program Community Toolkit to access resources to promote the engagement of older adults while following COVID-19 public health guidelines.

In the toolkit you will find resources such as:

  • "Nutritionary" activity guide
  • Tele or Virtual Nutrition Education for Older Adults
  • NCOA's Senior Centers Connect Guide
  • Enhancing Socialization through Meaningful Volunteer Connections during COVID-19
4 screens of older adults engaging over video chat

Innovative Programs

ACL's National Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging (NRCNA) serves as a resource for enhancing program sustainability and resiliency.

ACL Senior Nutrition Program Webinar Series