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July 8th, 3:30 – 5:00
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CDA Aging Hubs Initiative

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In 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) was passed into law by President Lyndon Johnson as a part of the "Great Society" initiative designed to alleviate poverty and injustice among the country's most vulnerable populations. To help millions of aging Americans meet the goal of aging in place, local aging agencies develop and provide older adults with the necessary local services and supports that promote health, independence and safety in their homes and communities.

Flash forward, fifty plus years later, the Nation’s demographics have changed and will continue to change. By 2030, here in California, adults 65 and older will make up 25% of the state’s population, exceeding the population 18 and under for the first time ever and becoming more diverse than ever. As California faces unprecedented demographic changes, these aging services and supports are even more crucial today to individuals, families, and communities than they were five decades ago.

COVID –19 made it more apparent than ever that all California adults and families need easy access to a strong network of aging and disability services to support home and community living as we age. In support of this vision, the Governor’s Master Plan for Aging committed to bold goals and renewed leadership to an age- and disability friendly state, including Initiatives 98 and 101:

  • Build out No Wrong Door statewide for public information and assistance on aging and disability
  • Revisit California’s Area Aging on Agency local leadership structures to meet the growing and changing needs and advance equity

Now, with unprecedented resources proposed at the state and federal level for home and community living as we age, there’s a historic opportunity in aging and adult services to "build back better." To advance these initiatives on leadership in aging together, CDA invites you to participate and engage in our discussions. Future events will be posted on this page.


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July 8, 2021 - Stakeholder Engagement Kick-off
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