California Legal Services Uniform Reporting System - Reporting Instructions and Forms

The goal of the California Uniform Reporting System (URS) for Title III-B Legal Services is to provide an uncomplicated system to collect meaningful, statewide information that will be used to help build financial and other support for, and understanding of the importance of, legal services to older Californians.

Further, it will be used to help assess whether limited Title III-B Legal Services are being effectively targeted to those in greatest need, as required in the Older Americans Act. The URS is intended to show the types of people legal providers are serving in order to give a clearer picture of target groups that might need more attention; types of legal problems being addressed for older Californians; and types/levels of services provided.

* These due dates include a 30-day preparation time from the end of the quarter or reporting period.

The following form is the official form for submission to CDA. This form may not be modified. Any variations of the official form will be returned.

The following form is a model to use as data collection and is not sent to the Department. This form is meant as a convenience to you and may be revised for the specifics of your program.

Updated July 16, 2018

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