Become a New CBAS Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)/Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) provider. The California Department of Aging’s CBAS Bureau is currently accepting applications for all counties across the state of California. However, prior to submitting an application, the CBAS Bureau encourages all potential providers to verify with local Managed Care Plan(s) to determine if local MCPs are contracting with new CBAS providers in the proposed area.

CBAS maintains an ongoing list of submitted and/or pending applications. Please be advised: The CBAS Initial Certification Application approval process may take 18-24 months.

All applicants requesting CBAS certification must:

  1. Complete the online CBAS pre-screening process, which consists of the following:
    1. Submission of an acceptable Program Plan
    2. Completion of the two on-line training modules on ADHC/CBAS program requirements and the initial ADHC/CBAS application process
    3. Communication with local Managed Care Plan(s) to explore need for the proposed center

    AND, after successful completion of the CBAS pre-screening process;*

  2. Complete the CBAS Initial Certification Application, which consists of the following:
    1. Part I - Applicant Information - required State application forms, provider agreement, and disclosures
    2. Part II - Management and Services Information - organization chart, staffing forms, duty statements, sub-contract boilerplate, policies, and procedures
    3. Part III - Facility Information - map and floor plan, copy of ADHC license, proposal to share space (as needed)
    4. Part IV - Fiscal Information - balance sheet, operating budget, and cash flow forecast and assumptions

NOTE: At the time of submission of the CBAS Initial Certification Application to the California Department of Aging (CDA), applicants must either 1) have an ADHC license for the proposed CBAS center; OR 2) have applied for ADHC licensure to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The CBAS Initial Certification Application approval process may take 18-24 months.

To be certified to provide CBAS, applicants must meet all ADHC licensing and CBAS certification criteria established in law and regulation, as well as in California's CalAIM, 1115 Demonstration Waiver. CDA will finalize CBAS certification only after the applicant obtains an ADHC license.

Click the link below to begin the online CBAS pre-screening process


**You have one year from the date of your PSP approval to submit a complete Initial Certification Application. Failure to submit the application within this 12-month timeframe will result in the expiration of your Pre-Screening Package approval and you will be required to submit a new Pre-Screening Package if you want to apply for CBAS certification. CDA does not guarantee approval of future submissions.