Legal Services (Title IIIB) Reports

The California Uniform Reporting System (URS) for Title III-B Legal Services Providers was finalized in 2008 by a workgroup consisting of the Legal Services Developer within the California Department of Aging (Department), representatives from the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), Legal Services Providers (LSPs) and The Center for Social Gerontology in Ann Arbor Michigan.

The goal of the workgroup was to develop the URS for Title III-B providers in California. The URS was piloted for one year for the purpose of testing the workability of the system. The URS consists of an Intake form (optional), a Quarterly Aggregate Report form and an Instructions & Definitions manual.

While there is no federal mandate for Title III-B LSPs to report more than the units of service (in which one unit of service equals one hour), and the number of individual clients served (known as the unduplicated count), the Department has the responsibility to ensure that the limited Title III-B resources are being effectively targeted to those in greatest need as prescribed by the Older Americans Act (OAA).

The URS was designed to help assess whether limited Title IIIB legal services are being effectively targeted. The URS is intended to show the types of people legal providers are serving in order to give a clearer picture of target groups that might need more attention; types of legal problems being addressed for older Californians; and types/levels of services being provided.

The URS has proved to be an uncomplicated system for collecting meaningful, statewide information that is used to help build support for, and understanding of the importance of, legal services to older Californians.

Updated December 31, 2018

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