Raising Awareness about the Older Californians Nutrition Program

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The Older Californians Nutrition Program plays an important role not only in helping to reduce food insecurity, but also in supporting the health and well-being of older adults in the community. Showcase the impact you and your nutrition providers have on the older adults in your community! By keeping partners, local and state decision-makers, and others in your community informed of the impact of the OCNP, you will help maintain support for the program which can lead to better outcomes in your community.

Share Your Work!

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Tell us how your Older Californians Nutrition Program is making a difference for older adults. Send us your success stories, best practices, and innovative work to highlight your nutrition services for older adults. Please include photos!

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Social Media Toolkit

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Promote your program with ACL’s social media toolkit!

  • Share program information and successes on your social media channels, website, and newsletters.
  • When posting on social media don’t forget to use hashtag #SeniorNutritionProgram and #OlderCaliforniansNutritionProgram and tag us! @CALaging on Twitter and @CaliforniaAging on Facebook.
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Communicating Program Value

Utilize these infographics to help you to communicate the value of the Older Californians Nutrition Program to your community:

Your community meal program is waiting to serve you. Benefits: save time and money, get healthy food without the effort, do less shopping and cooking, avoid missed meals, support your independence, socialize and have fun.