Supportive Services

The California Department of Aging (CDA) administers programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents in long-term care facilities throughout the State. These services are provided locally by contracted agencies. This webpage is intended for those who provide, or seek to provide a variety of aging services.

The Older Americans Act (OAA) seeks to enable all older individuals to maintain their well-being through locally developed community-based systems of services. The OAA Title IIIB Supportive Services Program provides a variety of services to address functional limitations, maintain health and independence, and promote access.

The Title IIIB Supportive Services Program enables older adults to access services that address functional limitations, promote socialization, continued health and independence, and protect elder rights. Together, these services promote older adults' ability to maintain the highest possible levels of function, participation and dignity in the community.

The Title IIIB Information and Assistance Program (I&A) is the main entry point to services within a planning and service area. The I&A staff assess individuals' needs and link them to local services or provide referrals to programs in other communities. The I&A staff are also responsible for following-up to ensure individuals have obtained services. In addition, I&A staff work with local agencies on disaster planning and preparedness activities to address older adults' needs during local or statewide disasters.

Title IIIB provides funding for a variety of supportive services programs, some of which are noted here:

  • Adult Day Care/Adult Day Health offers social and recreational activity in a supervised, protective, congregate setting during some portion of a 24 hour day.
  • Assisted Transportation is door-to-door transport, which may include escort services for those who cannot use the public transportation system.
  • Case Management provides for an individual to conduct a comprehensive assessment of a frail older adult's needs and arrange for in-home services.
  • I&A services assist with identification of appropriate resources to meet the specific needs of individuals.
  • Legal Assistance includes legal advice, counseling, and representation by an attorney or legal staff.
  • Outreach initiates contacts with potential clients to encourage their use of existing services.
  • Personal Care, Homemaker, and Chore programs provide assistance for individuals who otherwise could not remain in their homes.
  • Transportation includes vouchers for reduced rates on public transit, van transport to congregate meals, medical appointments, etc.