Community-Based Adult Services

The California Department of Aging (CDA) administers programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents in long-term care facilities throughout the State. These services are provided locally by contracted agencies. This webpage is intended for those who provide, or seek to provide, Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS).

For Providers & Partners - Program Narrative and Fact Sheets

For Consumers - Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)

ACL NumberSubjectIssue Date
18-01CBAS Providers – New Medi-Cal Enrollment Requirements, Personal Identifying Information6/1/2018
17-05Final Rule Implementing Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act4/4/2017
17-04Use of Secured Perimeter Fences and Egress Control Devices in ADHC / CBAS Centers3/10/2017
17-03Use of Soft Restraints in ADHC / CBAS Centers3/9/2017
17-02Fingerprint Clearance Background Check Requirements3/1/2017
17-01Implementation of ADHC / CBAS Participation Agreement1/31/2017
15-07Home and Community-Based (HCB) Settings Requirements – New Focus for CBAS Center Monitoring and Surveys9/24/2015
15-05Public Comment Period Notice for Draft CBAS HCB Settings Transition Plan5/14/2015
15-03New Federal Home and Community-Based (HCB) Settings Requirements and Stakeholder Process4/17/2015
15-02Upcoming CBAS Training Opportunities3/27/2015
15-01Discharge and Incident Reporting2/10/2015
14-03Absentee Notification Plan6/5/2014
19-01ADHC/CBAS Center Disaster Plan Requirements and Guidance2/7/2019
19-02Implementation of New CBAS Individual Plan of Care (IPC)3/19/2019
19-03ALERT – Update on Implementation of the CBAS Individual Plan of Care (IPC) for non-users of IPC software5/13/2019
19-04New MSSR Reporting Process5/20/2019
19-05UPDATED ALERT – CONTINUED EXTENSION of Implementation Date of the new CBAS Individual Plan of Care (IPC) for non-users of IPC Software6/3/2019
19-06New Participant Characteristics Report (PCR) Reporting Process and Updates6/13/2019
19-07UPDATED ALERT – New Implementation Date of the New CBAS Individual Plan of Care (IPC) For Non-Users of IPC Software8/13/2019
19-08Revised ADHC / CBAS Participation Agreement Instructions (CDA 7000i) (Rev 08/2019)10/1/2019
19-09ADHC / CBAS Training Requirements and Resources10/4/2019
19-10All Plan Letter (APL) 19-004: Provider Credentialing / Recredentialing and Screening / Enrollment11/8/2019
20-01Proposition 56 Supplemental Payments to CBAS2/5/2020
20-02Approval for Administrator and Program Director Changes2/27/2020
20-03CBAS Center Operations During COVID-19 Outbreak3/18/2020
20-04Temporary Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) In Response to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency – Guidance Forthcoming, PENDING CMS Approval3/24/2020
20-05Temporary Suspension of Monthly Statistical Summary Report (MSSR) Reporting3/26/2020
20-06Guidance for Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) In Response to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency3/27/2020
20-07CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS) Overview & Requirements4/13/2020
20-08Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #2 and #3 – COVID-19, CBAS Temporary Alternative Services4/22/2020
20-09CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS) Documentation Guidance5/1/2020
20-10Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #4, CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS) - Documentation5/8/2020
20-11New Participant Enrollment during CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS)5/13/2020
20-12Monthly Statistical Summary Report (MSSR)5/19/2020
20-13Telephonic Surveys for CBAS Certification Renewal6/1/2020
20-14CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS) Guidance on Provision of In-Center Services6/25/2020
20-15Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #5, CBAS Temporary Alternative Services (TAS) – In-Center Services7/16/2020
Due Date Program Action Resource Responsibility

Due Date Program Action Resource Responsibility

Eligibility and Service Authorization

10/03/2018 - Individual Plan of Care (IPC) (DHCS 0020)

Program Updates

10/25/2016 CBAS Updates: HCB Settings and Person-Centered Planning Requirements

Temporary Alternative Services (TAS)