Administration for Community Living Demonstration Grants

For many years, CDA has secured competitive federal grants to promote innovative programs that:

  • More easily connect the public to aging and disability information and services;
  • Help individuals better manage their chronic health conditions and fall risks through evidence based health promotion workshops; and
  • Assist service providers and families, particularly in ethnically diverse communities, in identifying and assisting individuals with dementia to live as independently as possible in their own home and community

Aging and Disability Resource Connections (ADRCs)

Between 2003 and 2014, California had a series of small federal demonstration grants to implement a model approach developed in Wisconsin to help the public find helpful information and assistance in learning about and accessing services and programs for older adults, persons with disabilities, and family caregivers. In California, most of this federal funding was used to support the development of regional ADRCs using the Area Agencies on Aging and the Centers for Independent Living (ILCs) as core partners in this effort, as well as other key community agencies, service providers, and consumer representatives. The main focus of this ADRC regional collaboration is creating a comprehensive approach across agencies to help individuals seeking assistance in finding what they need no matter which organizations they contact and to also help in applying for these services.

California currently has seven designated ADRCs. While there is no longer federal funding specifically supporting the development and on-going operation of regional ADRCs, in various parts of the State AAAs, ILCs and other community partners are working to develop this type of collaboration. At the State level, in partnership with the CA Departments of Health Care Services and Rehabilitation, CDA provides technical assistance to and oversight of the existing and developing ADRCs. For a list of the regional ADRCs, please visit……

ADRC of Alameda County
ADRC of Nevada County
ADRC of Orange County
ADRC of Riverside County
ADRC of San Diego County
ADRC of San Francisco County
ADRC of Ventura County

Chronic Disease Self-Management, Fall Prevention and Healthier Living

Although the federal Chronic Disease Self-Management grant funding ended in 2016, CDA, in collaboration with the CA Department of Public Health and Partners in Care Foundation, continue to coordinate statewide efforts to sustain evidence based programs that empower individuals to better managing their chronic health conditions, preventing fall risks, and support family caregivers through the CA Healthier Living Coalition. To learn where these programs are being offered in your community or to learn more if your organization is interested in providing these programs, please visit:

Expanding Capacity to Serve Persons with Dementia in the Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) --2013-2018

In 2013 CDA received a three year federal grant, in partnership with the CA Department of Health Services, Alzheimer’s/Greater LA, and the Alzheimer's Association Chapter in Northern California, to provide training and technical assistance to Cal MediConnect health plan care managers. This training focuses on increasing their ability to successfully identify and serve plan members with dementia and to refer these individuals and family caregivers to community based services. Educational sessions for family caregivers was also included.

The total grant funding was $820,000 over four state fiscal years, ending in September 2016. California met and exceeded all of the grant performance measures with over 260 care managers from seven health plans trained and 500 family caregivers receiving dementia education and support. This approach in assisting health plans to better serve individuals and families impacted by dementia has been highlighted on webinars sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the AARP Public Policy Institute, and by other national policy groups.

In 2016, CDA, in partnership with the organizations noted above, was awarded an ACL 18-month expansion grant to expand this training and support to the Cal MediConnect health plans in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego County. This $323,493 grant period is from September 2016-February 2018. Several plain English (and Spanish) factsheets on common challenges in caring for a person with dementia were developed through this grant and can be found at:

Updated February 15, 2017