Executive Leadership Team

Director's Office

Susan DeMarois, Director

Mark Beckley, Chief Deputy Director

Division of Administrative Services

Thomas Cameron, Deputy Director

Andrea Hoffman, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology Office

Division of Policy, Research, and Equity

Sarah Steenhausen, Deputy Director

Renita Polk, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Office of the Direct Care Workforce

Amanda Lawrence, Master Plan for Aging Director

Marina Augusto, Chief Equity Officer

Division of Home and Community Living

Sutep Laohavanich, Deputy Director

Office of Communications

Connie Nakano, Assistant Director

Office of Legal Services

Jeremy Avila, Chief Counsel

Office of Legislative Affairs

Adam Willoughby, Assistant Director

Office of the Long-Term Care Patient Representative

Susan Rodrigues, Assistant Director

Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

Blanca Castro, State Long-Term Care Ombudsman