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California Aging Population Demographic Projections for Intrastate Funding Formula (IFF)

CDA annual California Aging Population Demographic Projections report provides older adult population data by County and Planning Service Area (PSA) level. The statistics include age, minority and non-english demographics, geographic isolation (rural), individuals living alone, and Medi-Cal and SSI/SSP participants. These factors are used to develop planning estimates for the local assistance allocation of Federal and State funds to the Area Agencies on Aging as part of the Intrastate Funding Formula (IFF).

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California Department of Aging Statistical Fact Sheets and Program Narratives

CDA Long-Term Care and Aging Services Division Statistical Fact Sheets provide service performance data, demographic statistics, State operations budget allocations and local services expenditures, and local assistance expenditures for programs and services administered by CDA. The Program Narratives provide information on the purpose of the program, eligibility requirements, and a brief history of the program. This information is provided to the California State Legislature pursuant to the California Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 9102.

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National Aging Program Information Systems (NAPIS) State Program Report (SPR) for California

The annual NAPIS SPR is completed by all state units on aging (in California, by CDA), to comply with U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) reporting requirements on programs and services such as, supportive services, nutrition, caregiver support, etc., administered through Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III and VII funds. The NAPIS SPR is a statistical compilation of performance data (client demographics, units of service, etc.) and expenditures by individual programs. Available material was obtained from the AoA website.

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California Department of Aging Poverty Guidelines Report

CDA Poverty Guidelines Report is used for Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and their service providers for determining the eligibility criteria for OAA and Older Californians Act programs. This information is updated periodically from the Federal Register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Congress has updated the 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines effective February 1, 2019. For more information, please visit the HHS website.

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California State Plan on Aging

At least every four years, AoA requires CDA to submit a new State Plan on Aging outlining California's goals and objectives to serve older persons. The State Plan was developed with input from the public, AAAs, California Commission on Aging, State Legislature, and State, Federal and local departments and agencies on issues affecting older individuals. This plan is required by AoA in order for the State to receive federal OAA funding.

Available material: 2017 | 2013 | 2009 | 2005

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State Leadership Accountability Act Report

In accordance with the State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA), outlined in Government Code 13405, the California Department of Aging (CDA) submitted a report to the California Health and Human Services Agency on its review of systems of internal control and monitoring processes for the biennial period ending on December 31, 2017.

To view the CDA 2017 State Leadership Accountability Act Report click here.

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Updated April 12, 2019

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