Statistics/Demographics-CDA Statistical Fact Sheets & Program Narratives (March 2014)

The California Department of Aging (CDA) Long-Term Care and Aging Services Division Statistical Fact Sheets provide service performance data, demographic statistics, State operations budget allocations and local services expenditures, and local assistance expenditures for programs and services administered by CDA. The Program Narratives provide information on the purpose of the program, eligibility requirements, and a brief history of the program. This information is provided to the California State Legislature pursuant to the California Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 9102.

The 2014 report covers Fiscal Years 2010-11 through 2013-14. Citation: State of California, Department of Aging, Long-Term Care and Aging Services Division, Program Narratives. Sacramento, California, March 2014.

Updated February 4, 2015

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