Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program

The California Department of Aging (CDA) administers programs that serve older adults, adults with disabilities, family caregivers, and residents in long-term care facilities throughout the State. These services are provided locally by contracted agencies. This webpage is intended for those who provide Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) services.

For Providers & Partners - Program Narrative and Fact Sheets

For Consumers - Medicare Counseling (HICAP)

The California Department of Aging is updating our website. Please contact your assigned program analyst should you require any contract-related documents.

Form NumberForm NameProgramIssue Date
CDA 229FA FA Budget Financial Alignment11/30/2017
CDA 229FAiFA Budget Instructions Financial Alignment11/30/2017
CDA 7001FA Work Plan Template Financial Alignment11/30/2017
CDA 7001iFA Work Plan Template InstructionsFinancial Alignment11/30/2017
CDA 230FAiFA Closeout InstructionsFinancial Alignment3/9/2018
CDA 255MiMIPPA Expenditure Report InstructionsMIPPA8/10/2018
CDA 7001Mi MIPPA Work Plan Template InstructionsMIPPA9/18/2018
CDA 255FAFA Expenditure ReportFinancial Alignment10/11/2018
CDA 255FAiFA Expenditure Report InstructionsFinancial Alignment10/11/2018
CDA 255HICAP Expenditure ReportHICAP10/9/2018
CDA 255iHICAP Expenditure Report InstructionsHICAP7/16/2018
CDA 230MiMIPPA Closeout InstructionsMIPPA9/26/2018
CDA 255MMIPPA Expenditure ReportMIPPA9/7/2018
CDA 229Mi MIPPA Budget InstructionsMIPPA8/17/2018
CDA 229iHICAP Budget InstructionsHICAP4/13/2017
CDA 245HICAP Request for FundsHICAP12/12/2019
CDA 245iHICAP Request for Funds InstructionsHICAP12/12/2019
CDA 230iHICAP Financial Closeout InstructionsHICAP10/20/2017
CDA 245MMIPPA Request for FundsMIPPA12/12/2019
CDA 245MiMIPPA Request for Funds InstructionsMIPPA12/12/2019
CDA 245FAFA Request for FundsFinancial Alignment12/12/2019
CDA 245FAiFA Request for Funds Instructions Financial Alignment12/12/2019
Due Date Program Action Resource Responsibility

Due Date Program Action Resource Responsibility
Program Resources

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