Picture of the California Department of Aging receiving the Innovation in Health Care Award at the California Summit on Long-term Services & Supports in Sacramento.

CalMedi Connect Dementia Initiative Recognized at SCAN Summit in Sacramento

On September 27, 2018, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles received the Innovation in Health Care Award at the California Summit on Long-Term Services & Supports in Sacramento. Alzheimer’s Los Angeles co-led this initiative with the California Department of Aging. The Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s San Diego, and the California Departments of Health Services and Public Health were also key partners in the success of this initiative.

With demonstration grant funding from the federal Administration on Aging, this initiative has focused on collaborating with the Cal MediConnect health plans in making changes in their systems of care to help identify plan members with dementia and link them (and their caregivers) to supportive community services. Over 500 care managers from the participating health plan also received training on how to better assess and assist plan members who were having memory issues to get a diagnosis and referral to local community services both for themselves and their families.

Through this program, 770 family caregivers also received dementia training/education. Click here to view the consumer tools and tips and care manager training materials.