Eligibility Calculator Instructions

Fill in the fields on the Eligibility Calculator to the best of your ability. Use the last 6 month period in determining eligibility.

If your income has been the same each month over the 6 month period, fill in the monthly amount, and then click on the "Calc" button in the "Total Income for Period" for that income category. The system will then total the income for that category for the period. If the income for that category was irregular, enter the total for that category for the period. (Note that if you originally calculated this from "monthly" income, when you enter a different number in the total, it will erase the figures in the monthly columns.)

After you have completed all entries, then click on the "Calculate Eligibility" button at the bottom. The eligibility results will appear in the right hand window.

Important: This calculator is intended to be a guide. Some income sources are exempt, and other factors may effect your eligibility. It is strongly recommended that you confirm your eligibility results with the SCSEP program staff

Updated March 28, 2012

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