Learn More About Hearing, Vision, and Speech Assistive Technology

Many of California’s Independent Living Centers assist individuals of all ages to learn more about how various types of assistive technology can help make life easier. Click here to learn more about the services Independent Living Centers provide.

Deaf and Disabled Telephone Access

The Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) is a public program that provide access to basic telephone service for Californians who have difficulty using the telephone. The program has two components: the California Relay Service (CRS), which includes Speech to Speech, and the California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) which provides assistive telecommunications equipment.

Offices of Services to the Blind

The California Department of Social Services Office of Services to the Blind provides a comprehensive guide to information for persons with low vision or are legally blind.

Ability Tools

Ability Tools provides a variety of services, including an informational website, a toll-free information and referral line, online and in-person trainings, short term loans of devices, an on-line market place to find free or low-cost used devices, and information on a financial loan program.

Ability Tools is a project of the California Department of Rehabilitation and the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers with funding from the Assistive Technology Act of 2004. The California Department of Rehabilitation administers several programs through their regional offices and contract with the Independent Living Centers to assist persons with disabilities to live independently and actively participate in their community.